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  Tooth Whitening
Doctor Smile Dental Clinic Pattaya.
  Tooth Whitening" at Doctor Smile Dental Pattaya Thailand-Our practice provides the highest-quality dental services for restoring mouths that have been damaged by dental disease and injury and common problems
that require cosmetic dentistry. Our primary goal for our patients is to achieve and maintain optimum oral health through advances in techniques, technologies and by maintaining their scheduled dental exams.
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There are many causes of tooth discoloration; substances like coffee, cola, and smoking. Some medications and aging can also cause your teeth to stain over time.
Our dentists can determine the source of your discoloration, then recommend the best whitening system for you. In most cases the results are striking. Don't be misled by unproven and ineffective over the counter whitening solutions.

We dispense simple, safe and effective tooth whitening systems that are closely monitored by our clinical staff for maximum results in the least amount of time.
we choose the system depending on the patients needs and the cause of discoloration.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

The common procedure used for teeth whitening often includes the use of a form of peroxide to remove stains and
any discoloration and thus bleach the teeth. When the peroxide breaks down in the oral cavity, oxygen enters the
enamel of the teeth and whitens the discoloured areas.
Thus this procedure allows for the natural colours of the teeth to be
lightened without eroding the surface of the teeth. It is also possible for teeth whitening to be done with the use of lasers or lights with the use of
heat sometimes being used as a catalyst.

Laser Tooth Whitening

Laser tooth whitening is one the latest and the most effective methods of tooth whitening. Laser treatment involves using a beam of diode laser light
on the desired areas. Laser tooth whitening is popular beacause the procedure only takes an hour, and results can be seen instantly. It is costlier
as compared to the other teeth whitening methods but gives good results
instantaneously. The treatment begins by usingthe bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide gel or carbamide peroxide gel on the tooth enamel.
The gel is then activatedusing a controlled diode laser light.
The result is that that the bleaching takes place more effectively and in a
much lesser time. The teeth become whiter by up to 10 sades.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening Safe?
So far, all studies have concluded laser teeth whitening to be completely safe and found that no damage was done to the tooth enamel.
How Long Will the effects of laser teeth whitening last?
You can expect these results to last for 2-3 years. But up to your habits. If you drinking tea, coffee, red wine, or
ketchup, or from smoking, should to touch-up with home whitening gel because your teeth will be faster dark.

Does Laser Teeth Whitening Hurt?
Our laser teeth whitening does not heat the tooth. Those with very sensitive teeth may experience some minor
discomfort, but this should go away a few hours after the surgery.

How much whiter will laser tooth whitening make my teeth?

You can expect to improve your smile 5 to 10 shades. These results are far betterthan over-the-counter gels and
toothpastes, and the procedure only takes about an hour.

Can Laser Teeth Whitening improve the color of my crowns, caps, or veneers?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to whiten crowns, caps, and veneers with laserteeth whitening. However,
the procedure may remove stains that may have developedover the years, your crowns, caps, and veneers will
look whiter.

How do teeth become discolored?
Many of the reasons for teeth discoloration are widely known. Smoking or drinkingdark beverages such as wine
or coffee over long periods of time are common culprits. However, there are manyfactors in teeth discoloration
which you have no control over. Heredity often plays a role. Some antibiotics,specifically those in the Tetracyclines
class, have been found to cause tooth discoloration. Surprisingly, tooth discolarationand spots can even be caused
by excess exposure to flouride, a condition called Fluorosis.

Am I a candidate for laser teeth whitening?
Laser Teeth Whitening can be performed on anyone. Of course, children shouldwait until they have all their adult

Laser whitening is effective and has become extremely popular over the past decade. We import our Laser teeth whitening system from UK. Laser is the safest and fastest way to whiten the teeth, removing the most difficult discolouration from your teeth caused by different agents such as coffee, tobacco, wine and other pigmented stains.
This is new and conservative procedures to replace one or several missing teeth. The conservative nature of implants is in comparison to dental bridges for replacing teeth. Although bridges or dentures might be the best approach for some patients in replacing teeth, good candidates for implants can appreciate and take full advantage of this innovative procedure.

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